Thank you for considering about image for your family portrait session.

My name is David and I have been taking portraits for as long as I can remember.
Taking a portrait of your family is both an honor and a privilege to me .
Having a family portrait on your wall is a really great thing. I believe it strengthens your family’s love in so many ways untold.
After all, a family is a “Team”, its the best team you can be on and its the best one to share your life with.
A family portrait shows everyone including those you love that you truly care about your “Team” so much so that you have them displayed on your wall or better yet on the grandparents coffee table.
The holidays arrive every year and I always hear people wondering what to get mom or dad or the grandparents as a gift, I truly believe that there simply isn’t a gadget, garment or grocery that could ever replace the happiness that fills one’s heart when they see their family’s team captured by About iMage Photography Co.
So do it for love, do it for posterity, do it because you should!
And our promise to you, is that you will love how we make you feel and look!
Thanks for reading 🙂