Who we are:

About iMage Studios is a local and very popular Halifax based photographic studio. About iMage is the work of Photographer David Gamble who started the company in 1999.  David came to Nova Scotia in 1990 from his native town of Cowansville in the southern region of Quebec.

What we do:

About iMage can help you with any photographic, video-graphic, or printing work as well as design work you may need. Send us an email with your needs and we will contact you with a solution that is sure to please you.

Booking a session:

To book a session with us, simply head to our main page and click  the ” Book Your Appointment” tab. Please fill out all of the information and you should get a “congratulations” screen, from here you can login and book a date and time you would like to come in. About iMage does not take bookings over the phone.

When will I get my Proofs to choose from?

The proofs will be uploaded to the secure area you have created on our server. This is guaranteed to be uploaded within 10 days of having your photos taken but usually is done much faster. All photographic and personal information is stored on our secured server.


All purchases are mailed within 6-8 weeks depending on the address being shipped too. Delivery charges are 19.99 in Canada and by quote for international orders.


All transactions are calculated in Canadian funds and are subject to HST.

Why do you need so much information?

It is important to us that we know where to contact you for delivery and for identification purposes. We require that each customer create a login so that we know the images are going to the right people. Some events that we cover; for example: Prom, University Ball, Spring fair’s etc…  can be delivered in the form of a gallery that anyone with the gallery password can access. Only people who are registered will be given this password and the right to access our server and download images. Some galleries are not password protected but exists as “ghost galleries”. This is where we create a unique link that only someone who gets the link would know it existed. Ghost Galleries are created to make it easier for participants to use them, particularly those of us who are not so computer savvy.

Privacy Policy:

About iMage will only store your private information on our secured server. We will never share your information with a third party. Your information will only be used for us to contact you about the product and service you have paid us for, or to let you know about a product or service that we offer and feel you might wish to know about in the future.  At anytime you can delete your account with us or send us an email with “unsubscribe” posted in the subject line and you will be removed from all future email.


By registering on our website you agree to having your pictures posted on our secure server and having the private login information forwarded to you at the email you used to register with us. You also agree to keep your login information private and confidential. By using the services of About iMage you also agree to the use of copyright by our studio as well as for the use of copyright enabling us to promote the goods and services that we offer. If at any time you wish to revoke this right you may do so in writing by mail by mailing us a signed letter indicating you wish to revoke our ability to use our copyrighted images for self promotion purposes online or otherwise at our discretion. This letter can be mailed to: PO box 112 Station Main Porters Lake NS B3E 1M1. The letter must be from the individual in the picture and on the registered account. By registering and or using our services you agree to never hold liable About iMage photography or David Gamble for any issue, problem, mistake, occurrence or situation that may have caused you damages in excess of the fees paid to About iMage Photography. You also agree to pay any legal fees associated with About iMage having to secure legal counsel for any issue, problem, mistake, occurrence or situation that exceeds the original amount of the purchase of product or services that you or your guardian or third party purchased from us on your behalf.