A wedding detail,

                                    What is that?  That question crossed my mind 15 years ago when my first bride asked me if I had any “detail” pictures…  She trusted me with her day when I had nothing to show her in the realm of wedding photo samples.  Over a decade later here I am asking myself questions, learning and sharing and working from the mistakes and triumphs that I made happen.

I take thousands of peoples portraits every year, laughing, learning and asking about each person as I make my art come to life in my viewfinder.

When I needed to write this “Bio” to attempt to explain my very complex mind, I guess I thought I should start with accomplishment’s and all the best photos I’ve ever taken, to be proudly displayed on my site for your amazement, but that is not me. What you find here is just the average work I have to share as I cannot boast,  I shoot from feeling and from seeing and am not a seeker of awards and praise other than that from you, my client, the bride.

So as you browse the Portraits and impromptu pictures that appear here, know that my style is your style, it’s the style of you and your life and how you have made your day appear.

Hundreds of couples have come my way and leave in happiness ever after, I hope you will contact us or make our paths cross one day and experience a memory with us here at About iMage,  or wherever the day brings us.

Here is to “us” …

Carpe Diem

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